Manage a fully integrated oil company and show your talent in different fields!

Online qualification round (business simulation)

  • The participants are going to perform business decisions in 3 modules: Upstream, Downstream (including Petchem) and Retail.
  • The results of this round, will be rated separately in each section, and we’ll also give the teams an overall rating.
  • Based on these ratings, we’re going to create four Top 10 lists: one in each category, and one overall toplist.
  • The best 40 teams, present on these lists, will get into the semifinal.

Semifinal (professional quizzes and case study)

  • 20-20 quiz questions and one case study will be provided in each business area (Upstream, Downstream, Retail).
  • All teams have to solve the quiz and case study on their respective area (this is the area they were qualified in).
  • The teams listed on the Overall toplist have to answer a quiz and solve a case study, set on the area in which they performed the best – higher rank, higher profit.
  • The team has 30 minutes to answer all quiz questions, but case study can be done any time during the Semifinal from 12:00 (GMT), 24th November to 12:00 (GMT), 28th November.
  • At the end of the semifinal, points are given for both the professional quiz and the case study – these points sum up the final result.

Live final (with the best 8 teams)

  • Only the best 2 from each area will get into the Live Final, from the semifinal (based on their collected points at semifinal only). Their task will be published after the semifinal.
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