Who can apply to the game?
Only full-time Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD students who are currently enrolled at a college/university. The tasks focus on the oil and gas industry, therefore we advise you to have practicality oriented members in your team.
In what language does the competition take place?
Communication, the tasks and also the presentation at the Live Final needs to be held in English. Therefore, confident English knowledge is required to successfully complete all stages of Freshhh.
For how long can I apply?
Application deadline: 3 November 2017.
Can I apply if I do not study in the oil industry?
Yes, in fact, it is more recommended to team up with mixed background.
How to apply?
Sign up with an individual registration, create a team of 3 with your friends or other registered participants.
How many members a team can have?
Teams of 3 can participate in the online game.
Can someone be a team member who is not a student currently in higher education?
No, every member must be a student, and they have to identify themselves with their Student ID.
Is it necessary to upload any document during registration?
CV and profile photo are optional, but student status have to be proved by uploading the copy of your Student ID.
I would like to participate in the game but I do not have 2 more team members. What can I do?
It is not a problem, after registration you can find and invite registered members to join your team. With the help of the Crew Finder application you can also join to a team as well.
Where can I find the Crew Finder application?
First, you have to register and complete your personal profile. After then, you can access the application’s function.