What is meant by FCB-ODS spread?
About the FCB-ODS spread you can find information in the Game rules.
Can we blend Gasoline or diesel without using one of components (even if it is available)?
You do not have to blend from all of the components.
When are the sulfur penalties taking place? I haven't seen anything in the game rules.
About the sulphur penalty please, watch the Freshhh News.
In the CDU unit table, are all the numbers FCB/ODS ratio? Because first we have 100 % ODC on the left side, and then just the number 30-70? It would make more sense for it to be ODS/FCB?
Yes, they are the yields of different FCB/ODS ratios. From the left side to the right the ratio of ODS is increasing.
Min value for RON is 95, so does it have to be over 95, or can it be 95,00 and more?
It have to be at least 95.00.
The splitters are inactive. Why?
Splitters will be active when the HDS+FCC are built up.